Unexplained Voices: “Killer Smile”


Unexplained Voices is a local band based out of Milwaukee (which is actually not local to anyone on the DGT&G staff, but there’s always hope of a tour). They’re also a relatively new band, formed in 2012 by vocalist Kerri Randall and drummer Robert Jokala, and they just released their first album, Time to Breathe, available for download from the band’s website.

Randall and Jokala describe the band’s sound as “a cross between No Doubt and Jamiroquai.” While I have no quarrel with either of these bands– they both appear in my CD collection, but my musical promiscuity is a topic for another time– Unexplained Voices has a more pronounced rock edge than these two predecessors. Yes, there’s a keyboard component (Ray Liban), but there’s also some wailing guitar (Dan Harvey) and truly funky bass (Geoff Howard) happening here.

The first single from Time to Breathe is “Killer Smile.” It’s got more of a pop feel and a slower tempo than some of their other tracks– check out “No Regrets” to hear the rock edge I’m talking about. But “Killer Smile” is a solid introduction to the band’s sound and style. It offers a mix of dance-type rhythm and rock guitar that is highly satisfying, and Randall’s vocals on the are strong and intense, combining with the lyrical content to give the song a confessional feel. The production here– also the work of Jokala– is polished and showcases layers of Randall’s voice. This is a group we’ll be keeping an eye on here.

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