The Dead Daisies– Now In Technicolor!



The Dead Daisies released their first single, “Lock ‘n’ Load,” on April 19, and it almost slipped under my radar. I was busy that day following a different news story unfolding uncomfortably near my own backyard– you may have heard about it– so do forgive me, dear readers. Luckily, there’s an app for that, so even though I was a week late to the party, at least I made it.

“Lock ‘n’ Load” features Slash, who shares a co-writing credit for the track, on guitar– his playing is a sound that is as unmistakable as any human voice, wailing forth in the opening bars with bluesy resonance. To be honest, I didn’t know about this band, so my initial reaction was “Why is Slash playing on a country song?”

But it’s only country inasmuch as, say, The Allman Brothers is country– which is to say, it’s not country at all. But this track does have some of the trappings of a good Southern rock anthem designed to be the backdrop of many summer afternoons with your beverage of choice on the back deck: strong rhythm, soulful vocals, echoing guitar.

Really southern. Most of the members of The Dead Daisies hail from Australia, having started as a collaboration between former Noiseworks and INXS frontman Jon Stevens and David Lowy, guitarist formerly with Red Phoenix and The Angels. The pair recorded the bulk of the forthcoming album in Hollywood, then rounded out the lineup with Charlie Drayton (whose previous work includes Keith Richards’ X-Pensive Winos and the Divinyls) on drums, Marco Mendoza (of Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy) on bass, Clayton Doley (Silverchair) on keyboards, and Richard Fortus (another G n’ R alum) on guitar.

And, oh, yeah, they’ve spent the last several weeks opening for Aerosmith on the Australia and New Zealand leg of the Global Warming tour.

The video for “Lock and Load” was released earlier this month. You can watch the video below. Or if you’re not into video, check out the song streaming here or order from iTunes like I did.

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