The Crue in Sin City!!

Fleur the Kiwi

Hazelzworld and I flew to Vegas to see Mötley Crüe the last weekend of their three-week residency at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. We had tickets for Saturday night, but I read a rumor that Vince Neil might be leaving the band (new rumor, right?). We decided that was reason enough — never mind the rave reviews, descriptions and photos of the show, which were all awesome and already had us seriously pumped up … let alone it being Motley Crue in Vegas! — anyway, as I was saying, that was reason enough to head straight to the box office when we got there late Saturday afternoon to see if we could get tickets for Sunday night, the grand finale.

And there, for the moment, I will leave you in suspense. I will be writing more — much more — about this show, and maybe a few guest bloggers will, too, but I’m waiting to get the disc of photos I took with Hazelzworld’s camera.

Here I’ll leave you with this side note (but oh, so not a side note for us!!). We’d received a tip from a bartender that after Saturday night’s show the band would do a meet and greet at the Luxe bar in the casino. We duly staked out the bar, where there was indeed a roped-off area where Genocide the MC and the Mini Motleys were hanging out, also waiting, but the band blew off the meet and greet and established themselves at a poker table instead (all but Vince Neil, who, we trust, was resting his vocal cords). And guess who joined them … and scored the big win?

James Michael

Fleur the Kiwi with James Michael, lead singer for Sixx:A.M., he of the gorgeous voice and sweet personality.

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