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No Rock Stars Were Harmed in the Making of This List

spandexpanda On our last Big Patriotic American Holiday Weekend (that’s Memorial Day to those of you playing internationally) I found myself on a flight from Boston to Charlotte. As is my custom when I fly, I was reading a print […] Read more »

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How Lonny Paul’s neighbor’s dirt ended up on the new Adler album …

Fleur the Kiwi “The picture inside the [back] cover of the CD is Steven’s hand coming out of the ground. The dirt is my neighbor’s dirt over there [points out the window to the next-door neighbor’s yard]. I actually took […] Read more »

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Long Live Adler

spandexpanda For more than two decades, Steven Adler’s personal struggles have overshadowed his talent as one of the Great Rock Drummers–anyone who has ever paid any attention to the bridge in “Welcome to the Jungle” can’t dispute this status. The formation of […] Read more »

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From the Photo Vault: Steven Adler and Lonny Paul

  hazelzworld Here are some photos from a couple of Adler’s Appetite shows from 2011.   I went through my archives and came across some photos from Steven and Lonny’s old band, Adler’s Appetite.  We were lucky enough to see […] Read more »

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Fleur the Kiwi just had her first drum lesson

And she learned the basic rock ‘n’ roll beat. It goes like this: One = right hand (cymbal) + right foot (bass drum) And = right hand Two = right hand + left hand (snare drum) And = right hand […] Read more »

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It started at a gig

hazelzworld We were originally going to Vegas for another concert — Duran Duran at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, to be exact. Since it was going to be a long weekend for us, I thought it would be […] Read more »

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Mom, Have You Seen My Leather Pants?

Fleur the Kiwi No, I didn’t utter those words, for two main reasons. 1) Having grown up in a non-U.S. part of the erstwhile British empire, I say “Mum,” not “Mom,” and 2) I have, alack, never owned a pair […] Read more »

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