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Born to Sing: A conversation with Eddy Vega of Bad Boy Eddy – Part 2

Fleur the Kiwi Eddy Vega is lead vocalist for Bay Area hard rock act Bad Boy Eddy. Eddy loves to play in-your-face and kickin’ your ass rock & roll that appeals to a wide range of listeners. When the writing team […] Read more »

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Bass God: I met my idol … and it was wonderful

A guest post by Cheriqui Someone once said, “Never meet your idol unless you are prepared for disappointment.” Whoever said that apparently did not have as brilliant an experience as I did. Since I was about 12 years old I […] Read more »

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It started at a gig

hazelzworld We were originally going to Vegas for another concert — Duran Duran at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, to be exact. Since it was going to be a long weekend for us, I thought it would be […] Read more »

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Girls who cry at concerts

I used to think that girls who cried at concerts were dorks. What the hell was wrong with them? Why the hell were they crying? I wouldn’t laugh at them; I would just wonder “what the hell?” Back in the […] Read more »

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