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Album Review: Jeff Angell’s Staticland

  For all you Walking Papers fans (and we are, or should be, legion), this is not a Walking Papers album. It is much more reminiscent of Jeff Angell‘s other Seattle-based band, The Missionary Position. The resemblance is unsurprising, since singer/songwriter/guitarist Angell […] Read more »

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Vintage Trouble: The Bomb Shelter Sessions

spandexpanda I owe an apology to the passengers and crew of a recent JetBlue flight from Boston, MA, to Charlotte, NC, for my behavior during boarding, which, while not illegal, certainly pressed the boundaries of good taste and the laws […] Read more »

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Let’s Have Some Fun: Bad Boy Eddy

spandexpanda Over the Top, the 2012 release from Bad Boy Eddy, does not screw around. It’s loud, straightforward, unapologetic glam metal. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun. The sound hearkens to the Sunset Strip glory days, with […] Read more »

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The Seattle Blues: Walking Papers

Update Aug. 6, 2013: Walking Papers (CD and digital download) is now available through Loud & Proud Records. The American blues tradition has typically been associated with regional differences, e.g., Delta Blues, Chicago Blues. The sound of the Walking Papers’ self-titled […] Read more »

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How Lonny Paul’s neighbor’s dirt ended up on the new Adler album …

Fleur the Kiwi “The picture inside the [back] cover of the CD is Steven’s hand coming out of the ground. The dirt is my neighbor’s dirt over there [points out the window to the next-door neighbor’s yard]. I actually took […] Read more »

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Long Live Adler

spandexpanda For more than two decades, Steven Adler’s personal struggles have overshadowed his talent as one of the Great Rock Drummers–anyone who has ever paid any attention to the bridge in “Welcome to the Jungle” can’t dispute this status. The formation of […] Read more »

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I Got Your Apocalypse Right Here

spandexpanda Every year at this time I make a resolution for the new year, and every year it’s the same: to learn to play guitar with some sort of proficiency. I can’t say for sure how many years of my […] Read more »

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Southern Kick, Indeed: A Review of Stonebreed’s Debut Album

spandexpanda Stonebreed’s self-titled debut album starts off by telling the story of a man returning home to Texas after years on the run from the authorities. I don’t know if it’s the lyrical content or that I’m just hungry, but […] Read more »

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Aerosmith’s Alternate Dimensions

spandexpanda I confess it took me a while to work up the courage to listen to Aerosmith’s latest offering, Music from Another Dimension.  I’ve generally been disappointed by Aerosmith’s studio albums in the post- Pump era. And when you love a band like […] Read more »

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Interview with Carlos Bates Cruz of Stonebreed — Part 1

Fleur the Kiwi Carlos Bates Cruz is the frontman for Stonebreed, a Hollywood-based hard rock band with a Southern kick. Carlos first sang in front of an audience when he was in junior high, and hasn’t really stopped since. Over […] Read more »

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