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Over the Top, the 2012 release from Bad Boy Eddy, does not screw around. It’s loud, straightforward, unapologetic glam metal.

It’s also a hell of a lot of fun.

The sound hearkens to the Sunset Strip glory days, with songs about fast cars (“Teenage Sacrifice”) and loose women (“Rad Ruby”). It’s a great blend of influences from all over that scene, but the edge is harder and sharper.

Here’s the thing about fun, though, in any kind of art or media, but maybe especially in music: It’s damn hard work to make something seem effortless and fun.  It requires chops and chemistry, and this band has both. Technical prowess, sure, but you can also hear the fun.You can hear it in the guitar work from Dave Saker and Eddie Nixon. You can feel it in Eddy Vega’s vocal range. These guys are absolutely enjoying the music and you should too.

1) Fever

2) She Gives Me a Feeling—The growl in Eddy’s voice on this track is classic, but the best part of this track is the guitar solo at the bridge.

3) I Don’t Want You

4) Super Sonic Freak—All I want in life right now is to hear the first bars of this song next time I go to a Giants game.

5) Living Lies

6) Funky Monkey— A song about the love between a man and his magazine. It’s a beautiful thing. Spoken dialogue at the bridge– I don’t think they’re gonna let us put that on the album cover—hearkens back to some of Van Halen’s finer moments.

7) Rad Ruby—Strong glam metal influence—feels very Skid Row, really– in the guitar riff and in the lyrics.

8) Teenage Sacrifice–  The opening here made me think I was in for a ballad, but things pick up quickly and get quick. There’s an urgency in the tempo here that makes it feel like a race.

9) Fly Away—No fake-out this time; here’s the power ballad. There’s more power than ballad happening here, but it seems like an obligatory gesture because it doesn’t quite fit with the overall mood here.  The vocals are compelling on this track, and there’s fine guitar work. I wish the lyrics were equally compelling.

10) Maker of Dreams—I’m not sure if this was recorded at a live show or just produced to appear that way, but it certainly captures the feel of a live show in an arena-style anthem dripping with energy and enthusiasm.

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