How a kookaburra scared the bejeezus out of Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice and Kangaroo Lanie with a bald eagle

Fleur the Kiwi

Midafternoon on the second day of the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth (Sat. 27 Oct.), Vanilla Ice strolled into the convention hall. Accompanied only by a friend (his brother? The resemblance was strong), and three low-key (albeit hyper-alert) bodyguards, his entrance caused only a minor stir until he reached the area by the stage, where the contest for best black & white tattoo was being judged.

He was quickly joined by people wanting a photo with him, with one of the bodyguards obliging as photographer (a dab hand with smartphone cameras, as it turned out!) … and also by some creatures not of the human variety. Kangaroo Lanie of Conservation Ambassadors was at the show, giving artists, vendors, and attendees an up-close and personal look at wildlife they might never otherwise encounter. She and her menagerie were hanging out in a tent behind Vanilla Ice, who was patiently posing for photographs, with a warm smile for each person.

Vanilla Ice experiences the thrill of a Harris’s hawk landing on his arm

Lanie came out of the tent with a kookaburra, a native Australian bird with a cry that sounds like a hyena laughing through a microphone attached to an amp turned up to 11. She walked up behind Vanilla Ice, and, suddenly, the kookaburra exploded into full raucous laugh. Vanilla Ice jumped and spun, landing a couple of feet away, with his arms up in defense and a look of alarm on his face. “What was that!” he cried.

While everyone else laughed, Lanie apologized and introduced the rap and reality TV star to the bird that had startled him so. He was fascinated to meet the kookaburra … and also the bald eagle, African crested porcupine, Harris’s hawk, and python that had accompanied Lanie to the show.

After the fuss had subsided, DGT&G asked Vanilla Ice which, of all the things he has done in the last 25 years, he has enjoyed the most. Here is his reply:

What I am doing now. I’m in a movie with Adam Sandler called That’s My Boy, and I’ve got the Vanilla Ice Project, which is on the DIY Network and HG TV. I’m very proud of it. But my greatest accomplishment in the world is my kids. That’s what it’s all about. Family and friends.”

Two-thirds of DGT&G with Vanilla Ice

Two-thirds of DGT&G with Vanilla Ice and a bald eagle

Coming next … A review of James Michael’s (Sixx:A.M. frontman; producer of Buckcherry, Papa Roach, and others) new solo single, “Learn to Hate You.”

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