Heart of Rock interview: Rob Cournoyer. Drummer. Sin City Sinners.

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Rob Cournoyer wields the sticks with Vegas band Sin City Sinners … and teaches others how to master the craft of drumming. We put Rob on the spot between sets at Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas.

From now until the end of time (or until too many people die for us to continue), DGT&G will be interviewing rock ‘n’ roll artists—famous, not-famous, and the vast numbers in between—and asking each the same five questions. Over time, their answers will become a repository of the heart of why people play rock music. Read on and enjoy … 

DGT&G: Why do you play rock music?

Rob Cournoyer: Because I have to.

DGT&G: What else could you see yourself doing?

RC: Teaching drums. But it’s not hard to see myself doing it, because that’s what I do.

DGT&G: Do you have any regrets about taking this path?

RC: Oh, absolutely none at all.

DGT&G: What is your favorite part about creating and playing rock music?

RC: The fact that pretty much with drums, it’s very expressive. If you’re pissed off, you can play like it. If you’re feeling sexy, you can play like it. That’s what I like about it the most. It’s an extension of emotions.

DGT&G: Who would be in your dream rock band?

RC: Drummer would be Tony Williams. The bass player would be—I guess it doesn’t matter if they’re alive or dead—bass player would be Noel Redding. OK, I’m gonna put two guitars. I’m not gonna put a keyboard in it. Two-guitar rock band. The first guitar would be—can’t remember his name, the guy from Bad Company. I can’t remember his name. Oh, it’s embarrassing, but anyway, the Bad Company guy [our crack research crew has deduced that this is Mick Ralphs]. And my singer and other guitar player is Steve Marriott. He’s my favorite.

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