Heart of Rock interview: Oz Fox. Guitarist. Stryper.

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From now until the end of time (or until too many people die for us to continue) DGT&G will be interviewing rock ‘n’ roll artists — famous, not-famous, and the vast numbers in between — and asking each the same five questions. Over time, their answers will become a repository of the heart of why people make rock music. See the Heart of Rock tab above for the full list. Read on and enjoy…

DGT&G were hanging out at The Bourbon Room, the newish lounge that’s a half-serious, half-parody homage to ’80s hair rock in the Venetian Hotel and Casino (and named of course for the main location in the musical Rock of Ages, which will be opening at the Venetian in December), before heading to the Hard Rock Hotel to see Guns N’ Roses at the end of week three of their “Appetite for Democracy” residency at The Joint. We were enjoying one of the many bourbon cocktails on offer when one of us had a flashback to her teenage Friday nights on the Sunset Strip, when fans and band members mingled in clubs and on the sidewalks. “That’s Oz Fox! From Stryper!” Hazelzworld exclaimed, pointing to a long-haired, rocker-looking type standing next to a tattooed man (Victor the Snake Mann). Sure enough, it was Oz Fox, lead guitarist and founding member of the Christian glam metal band Stryper, and he graciously agreed to answer the Heart of Rock questions.

DGT&G: Why do you play rock music?

Oz Fox: Rock music is in my blood. It’s been my passion since I was a teenager, and I just gravitated towards that style of guitar playing. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, all I’ve ever had a passion for, so that’s what I do.

DGT&G: What else could you see yourself doing?

Oz Fox: Probably shooting commercials. Directing them. Or teaching music.

DGT&G: Do you have any regrets about following this path?

Oz Fox: The money is not that great [laughs]. I say that laughing. If you’re on top, you’re making a lot of money. If not, it’s feast or famine. So you have to come up with other things. I have a website called Sir Oz Academy, where I provide guitar instructional videos. You can subscribe to it. Eventually I will add other instruments, so there will be a full library of lessons.

DGT&G: What is your favorite part about being a rock ‘n’ roll artist?

Oz Fox: Just all the friends you make. I’m a very social person. I love to get out and mingle. I love talking to people.

DGT&G: If you could create your dream rock band, who would be in it?

Oz Fox: Ren and Stimpy. Fred Flintstone. And that kid from that cartoon, the one with the round face.… He says, “Lois, what are you doing?” [A person at a neighboring table jumps in with the name] … Stewie!
DGT&G: Who would play what instrument?
Oz Fox: I would let them figure it out.

Photo from http://christianrock247.wordpressors.com/

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