Heart of Rock interview: Mike Dirnt. Bassist. Green Day.

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From now until the end of time (or until too many people die for us to continue) DGT&G will be interviewing rock ‘n’ roll artists — famous, not-famous, and the vast numbers in between — and asking each the same five questions. Over time, their answers will become a repository of the heart of why people make rock music. Read on and enjoy…

Guess who showed up to watch The Walking Papers perform at The Independent in San Francisco one recent Sunday?

Mike Dirnt, 1989 Pinole Valley High School yearbook

Mike Dirnt, 1989-90 Pinole Valley High School yearbook

After Hazelzworld and Mike caught up on each other’s life since their days at Pinole Valley High, Mike agreed to answer the Heart of Rock questions…

DGT&G: Why do you play rock music?

Mike Dirnt: ‘Cause I can’t do anything else right.

DGT&G: What else could you see yourself doing?

MD: Going to rock shows on random weekday nights with Hazel Ebalo. [Laughs]

DGT&G:  Do you have any regrets about taking this path?

MD: No regrets. Just some lost memories and some really great memories.

DGT&G: What is your favorite part about creating and playing rock music?

MD: Creating music is the best part. When you’ve written something that moves you, and if you have a soul and you’re trying to get to a deeper truth, then I think at some point that’s gonna resonate with other people. You’ll connect with other people. That’s my personal opinion. We all have hearts at least—hopefully. [Laughs]

DGT&G: Who would be in your dream rock band?

MD: Dream rock band. Oh man. That’s a tough one. Depends. I’d probably do what everybody else does, snatch up dead heroes. Pick your band. There you go. You can take Jimi [Hendrix], John [Bonham]—take ’em all. Maybe throw Janis Joplin in there.

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