Girls who cry at concerts

I used to think that girls who cried at concerts were dorks. What the hell was wrong with them? Why the hell were they crying? I wouldn’t laugh at them; I would just wonder “what the hell?”

Back in the ’90s Duran Duran did an in-store appearance in Union Square in San Francisco. It wasn’t the original line up, but I didn’t care. Simon, Nick and John were going to be there. I remember getting to the city early and getting in line. The length of the of the line snaking around the block worried me. Was I going to get in before they shut the doors? That would have really sucked, if I’d waited for hours and couldn’t get in. I remember the mood of the crowd – very giddy, lots of laughing, music and some dancing.

It didn’t start getting real for me until I walked through the doors of the record store. Once I passed through – and I could see Simon, Nick and John – my heart literally skipped a beat. (It actually did! OK, so I have this kind of medical condition. No biggy. It doesn’t stop me from doing crazy cardio like Insanity.) Anyway, the closer I got to the guys, the more overwhelmed I felt. Holy crapola. I was standing next to Duran Duran. It didn’t seem real. Was it a dream?!

And then it happened. Simon asked what my name was – and I just stood there. For a moment, I forgot my name. I FREAKIN’ FORGOT MY NAME! I mentally slapped myself upside the head and said, “Hazel.” He smiled as he signed some memorabilia. I’m sure he was probably thinking, “What the hell is wrong with this girl?”

Next was Nick. That day I didn’t bother getting dressed up, like I was going out partying. I threw on a T-shirt and jeans. It was an environmental T-shirt that had a photo of a bulldozer clearing out a forest. Nick looked at it and said he liked the shirt. I vaguely remember saying thanks and asking if I could get a picture of him and Simon. By the way, it’s one of my favorite pictures of them ever!

By the time I got to John, that overwhelming feeling was about to surface. I can’t even remember if I talked to John. It was such a blur. I tried to take a couple of photos, but my hands were shaking. No digital cameras back then. I had rolls and rolls of film! I couldn’t get my camera to take pictures fast enough before the security ushered me through the line.

So, girls crying at concerts? I SO GET IT. I understand – because it happened a second time for me. I’ll tell ya sometime.

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  2. Yes. I had that reaction when Van Halen came on stage. Suddenly I understood all those girls in the footage from the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

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