Fleur the Kiwi just had her first drum lesson

And she learned the basic rock ‘n’ roll beat. It goes like this:

One = right hand (cymbal) + right foot (bass drum)
And = right hand
Two = right hand + left hand (snare drum)
And = right hand
Three = right hand + right foot
And = right hand
Four = right hand + left hand
And = right hand

Repeat ad infinitum.

After the half-hour lesson with Tracy Rose Drums, I practiced most of the way home … right hand on gear shift, left hand at bottom of steering wheel. The right foot’s part was a bit tricky, it being on the accelerator pedal, but Kiwi ingenuity knows no bounds. And the left hand had to bow out on the curves, when it was needed to grip the steering wheel, but the right hand and foot kept the beat until it could join in again.

In this way, I happily drummed along to a Rolling Stones song (I’ve forgotten which one), “Loser,” by Beck, and “Refugee,” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Then “The Reflex” came on, and Roger Taylor’s beats were too complex for my nascent skills.

Now I have to buy a set of drumsticks while DGT&G is in LA this weekend for the Rockers Against Cancer benefit concert at the Key Club in West Hollywood, so I can practice my homework: five basic rock beats. I’m looking forward to next week’s lesson!

Ps. A tip for those who wish to try this at home: it’s easier if you keep breathing.

Fleur the Kiwi's inspiration. (Photo by @hazelzworld)

Fleur the Kiwi’s inspiration (Photo by @hazelzworld)

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