Born to Sing: A conversation with Eddy Vega of Bad Boy Eddy – Part 2

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Eddy Vega is lead vocalist for Bay Area hard rock act Bad Boy Eddy. Eddy loves to play in-your-face and kickin’ your ass rock & roll that appeals to a wide range of listeners. When the writing team of Vega and [Dave] Saker reformed a few years ago, “a magical spark was ignited that has wound up turning into an out of control blaze that is set to engulf the world of music.” Bad Boy Eddy’s Over the Top placed at #9 on Hair Metal Mansion’s list of top 20 best rock albums released in 2012 and shot to the #1 position on the local ReverbNation chart. Asked what’s in store for 2013, Eddy says, “We’ve already begun working on material for the next album and are planning some local tour dates as well as out of state ones, and, if all goes as planned, conquering the world.”

DGT&G sat down with Eddy after the band’s set at Neto’s in Santa Clara, CA, in late December. Part 1 of this interview ran on Tuesday.TandG_BBE03-ed

DGT&G: What is the most richly productive collaboration you’ve experienced?

EV: Richly collaborative? I haven’t actually, I haven’t had one yet.

DGT&G: Is there a producer you would like to work with?

EV: Well, yeah, the best one. I don’t really know a whole lot about producers. I wish I knew more about it. I know they could play a key role in helping a band.

DGT&G: You remember the band Duran Duran. You know the song “The Reflex”?

EV: Yeah.

DGT&G: The producer for that song was from Chic, Nile Rodgers. The album version of that song is good. Nile Rodgers turned it into a mega-million hit. He brought in funk, which was a gamble. And the band fought amongst themselves and fought with their record label about it. And then they released it.

EV: I betcha John Taylor didn’t fight it.

DGT&G: Oh no, he loved it. He was a huge a Chic fan. But the record label fought it, and then they fought back. And so they released it, and that was their breakthrough. That was the huge hit—so that is what a producer can do. A producer can bring vision and tweak the sound.

EV: Exactly, tweak and mess with it. “You know, if I heard a little bit more of this here, it would be better.” Yeah, that’s what they do. They kinda take what you have, and then— One of these days, I hope, God willing, I have the opportunity to work with a producer to do things like that and go on tour. I’d love to go on a tour. I joined a band when I was in Sacramento. I did a lot musically out of Sacramento. There is a lot of stuff going on out there. I got stuff going on with Eddy [Nixon]. And then I met this guy named Twitch Angry.

DGT&G: That’s a great name.

EV: Me and him, we just clicked right away. He plays a style of music, kind of like a combination of being punk and metal. Go to YouTube. Look up Twitch Angry. Anyways, I joined his band, along with Bad Boy Eddy. I have Bad Boy Eddy and that band. It only lasted for about 2 months and then they got a deal. And they were gonna go out and do a tour. But it was one of those tours where, anybody could really go on tour. You don’t have to be rich and famous. And you don’t have to have a record label, but you will starve. And that’s what they did. They went out, they did it. And I told them no, I can’t go, I’m out. I can’t quit Bad Boy Eddy. I mean, dude, the band bears my name. He’s all, “Well, I can’t have you in two bands.” I’m all, “OK, well, I’m not leaving my band, dude.” So they went on tour and they got their deal and they came back. But they’re still—they lost it. It’s a rough business. It really is.

DGT&G: Especially nowadays. The crowd, the populous is no longer the same.

EV: I’d like to be like Y&T, you know what I mean? I would be happy being like a Y&T type of band. We go places. We don’t play gigantic arenas. They don’t either.

DGT&G: But they have a solid following.

EV: They have a solid following. They’re gonna get two or three thousand people at their shows. And I’d like to do that. I mean, I really would. My dream is to have Y&T hear us play our “Forever.”

DGT&G: It sounded good.

EV: That was really great. That was good.

DGT&G: What’s the most memorable gig you’ve ever played?

EV: That last one.TandG_BBE16-ed

DGT&G: At Vinnie’s. That was a big crowd.

EV: Dude. From the second I got to that front of that building and when I showed up there—I couldn’t believe it. It was too much. I would have never been able to have done an interview there. [Laughs] It was just nuts. I get off stage, I was so overwhelmed with so many people, I left there without my microphone.

DGT&G: Did you get it back?

EV: I got it back, but it got stolen on Christmas Eve. I left it in my car, unlocked. So bummed out. It was a $500 microphone. It was my tool. My Canon camcorder, because I like to record the shows and then we watch afterwards to see what looked good. So, yeah, they both went.

DGT&G: What do you think about music today? Are there any new bands that you like?

EV: Let’s see, new bands.

DGT&G: Did you happen to catch the Crüe and Kiss show in Concord? Did you see The Treatment?

EV: Oh, I like Electric Sister.

DGT&G: They opened for Steel Panther.

EV: They also opened that show, they won that contest.

DGT&G: Electric Sister opened for Slash.

EV: Oh that’s right, I remember. You know, they also opened up that Kiss and Motley Crüe show.

DGT&G: No, no that was The Treatment.

EV: Are you sure?

DGT&G: 100,000% positive.

EV: We entered [the 107.7 FM Bone Bash] contest for local bands. Out of 270 bands, our video placed in the top 10! We were so excited. We thought we were gonna make it.

DGT&G: When you’re having a down day, what do you put on to bring you up?

EV: Have you guys heard of a band called Death Master? They’re from this area. I like them a lot. You know what really picks me up more than anything? I know this sounds weird—it’s my stuff. When I listen to me, I feel hopeful. I feel hope. Listen to that song “Fly Away.” Listen to that song. It lifts me up.

TandG_BBE02DGT&G: What song would you choose to describe you right now?

EV: Off our album, or just in general?

DGT&G: Either.

EV: It would definitely be one of my songs. I would have to say, it’d probably be “Supersonic Freak.”

DGT&G: If you could no longer perform live, would you still play?

EV: Oh, yeah. I would never stop, too.

DGT&G: What’s your Spınal Tap moment?

EV: Well, it was actually the last time I played here. [Laughs] I don’t know why, but for some reason I completely forgot about announcing Dave. You know, that song we do, and I go through everybody. For some reason I just went back there and started drinking my drink, and [laughs] all of a sudden I hear this “What the fuck, dude?!” [Laughs] And then, “Oh, God!” and then we did this stupid kick thing that I haven’t gotten down yet.this is spinal tap

Actually, I got a better Spınal Tap moment. We played at a place called the Craneway Pavilion. Have you ever heard of that? It’s in Richmond. It’s a bad-ass place. I got off the stage and I was running around and being cool and everything. It got time for me to get back onto the stage, right? And I went and I just tried to [mimes leaping onto the stage]—I guess my leg wasn’t strong enough to push me up and on top of the stage. So when I got up, half way, I completely [sound effects of crashing] flat-ass face-down on the fucking thing. [Laughs] I mean, it was bad. It was really bad. [Laughs] Yeah, that was the one.

DGT&G: Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

EV: Yeah, go out and buy yourself a Bad Boy Eddy CD and watch our new video on YouTube. Watch it often and share it!

DGT&G: What’s your new video?

EV: It’s called Supersonic Freak. Have you seen it yet? If you can get on YouTube from your phone, you can see it from there. You can get it from ReverbNation and our Facebook as well. Every time you hit us, watch our video, listen to a song, it helps. It’s an extra play.

The Bad Boy Eddy debut CD, Over the Topwas released in late 2012 on Demon Doll Records. Read spandexpanda’s review of the album to see why it’s a must-have for any fan of glam metal.

Coming tomorrow … photos from two recent Bad Boy Eddy shows …

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