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Duff McKagan’s Prep Chef Pollo

      hazelzworld Duff McKagan’s autobiography not only describes how he beat his demons, he gives you some of the recipes that helped him do it! This is one of them. Since spandexpanda said this dish was delicious, I […] Read more »

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Bass God: I met my idol … and it was wonderful

A guest post by Cheriqui Someone once said, “Never meet your idol unless you are prepared for disappointment.” Whoever said that apparently did not have as brilliant an experience as I did. Since I was about 12 years old I […] Read more »

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The Seattle Blues: Walking Papers

Update Aug. 6, 2013: Walking Papers (CD and digital download) is now available through Loud & Proud Records. The American blues tradition has typically been associated with regional differences, e.g., Delta Blues, Chicago Blues. The sound of the Walking Papers’ self-titled […] Read more »

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Walking Papers – Live at the Independent in San Francisco on 12/9/12

hazelzworld On a Thursday afternoon back in December, I sent Fleur a text telling her that Tesla guitarist Dave Rude was going to play at the Independent on the following Sunday.  At the time, we were only going to see Dave […] Read more »

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Review of It’s So Easy and Other Lies

hazelzworld I just finished reading Duff McKagan’s autobiography, It’s So Easy and Other Lies.  If a book doesn’t capture me within the first chapter, I never finish it.  After reading the prologue — I was hooked! (Pun intended.)  I found myself smiling […] Read more »

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I’ll take my fries with a side of glam: Aqua Nett & Counterbalance on New Year’s Eve

Fleur the Kiwi The legend of Aqua Nett is that there were originally six members in the band: Roxxy Blaze on vocals, Axel Greece on keyboard, Juan Moore on bass, Dizzy Hieghts on drums, Gash on lead guitar, and Johnny […] Read more »

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Photos from the Rockers Against Cancer benefit show, Key Club, Jan. 5. 2013

hazelzworld On January 5, 2013, we rocked out at the Rockers Against Cancer benefit at the Key Club on Sunset Strip.  I was going mainly to see Stonebreed and Leatherwolf, but was very surprised at who else performed that night. […] Read more »

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Sweet Georgia Glam

  Drivin’ n Cryin’ with opening act, the Blue Dogs, at Ziggy’s, Dec. 2012. It’s not about the look; it’s about the sound. Think chicken-fried T. Rex. See the review of the show here.        

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Heart of Rock interview: Lonny Paul & Jacob Bunton. Guitarist & Frontman. Adler.

Fleur the Kiwi For the finale of Adler week here on DGT&G, we have a treat for you … not one, but two Heart of Rock interviews — with guitarist Lonny Paul (whom you met on Monday and Tuesday) and vocalist/frontman Jacob […] Read more »

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How Lonny Paul’s neighbor’s dirt ended up on the new Adler album …

Fleur the Kiwi “The picture inside the [back] cover of the CD is Steven’s hand coming out of the ground. The dirt is my neighbor’s dirt over there [points out the window to the next-door neighbor’s yard]. I actually took […] Read more »

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