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Brothers of Brazil at the Regency Ballroom, SF

Fleur the Kiwi Yes, they are really brothers! Shared genes and all! Taking the stage last Thursday (Oct. 18) at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco as the opening act for Adam Ant and the Good, the Mad and the […] Read more »

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“It’s the Apocalypse, Charlie Brown”

I’ve been somewhat conflicted about whether this concert belongs among the shows we’re featuring here. The three men who comprise Ben Folds Five don’t have any visible tattoos and they’re more about eyeglasses than guyliner. The music– bass, drums, and […] Read more »

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Jeff Keith’s Ride for a Reason

hazelzworld On Sunday, some friends and I headed up to Roseville, CA, to watch the band Babylon A.D. perform. I was told that it was the original lineup from the late 80s/early 90s. I hadn’t seen B.A.D. play in years […] Read more »

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It started at a gig

hazelzworld We were originally going to Vegas for another concert — Duran Duran at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, to be exact. Since it was going to be a long weekend for us, I thought it would be […] Read more »

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Heart of Rock interview: Chestnut Growler. Vocalist, drummer, guitarist. Swaggering Growlers.

Fleur the Kiwi From now until the end of time (or until too many people die for us to continue) DGT&G will be interviewing rock ‘n’ roll artists — famous, not-famous, and the vast numbers in between — and asking […] Read more »

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Slash at Fox Theater Oakland, Tues. 2 Oct. 2012

Fleur the Kiwi (Warning: this review does not purport to be unbiased or well rounded.) When you go to see Slash live, as we did at the gorgeous Fox Theater in Oakland on Tuesday night, all the other musicians are […] Read more »

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Open up and say ahh

Poison live at the Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA on 9/14/2012.  

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